Course inspection

【Course inspection】

Mt.Awa is still so much snow left and definitely winter mountain right now. Winter mountain equipments are necessary.

A few days ago was snowing but since yesterday, have got warm so much, like real spring.

For next 2 weeks, melting snow dramatically. So even if you come to see MT. AWA but the race day would be completely different conditions.

So mind your conditions till the race day and have great race in MT. AWA, Niigata, Japan.



MT.AWA RACE 2019 International Elite athlete information

This is the list of International Elite Athlete Information for MT.AWA RACE 2019.


Hillary Gerardi:

- She runs for Team Black Diamond / Scarpa
- She’s based in France but born in the United States
- She’s the 2018 Sky Ultra Migu Run Skyrunner World Series Champion
- She was 2nd in the 2018 Overall Migu Run Skyrunner World Series ranking
- She won iconic races like KIMA Trophy or Tromsø Skyrace
- Credit the photographer (Álex Díaz)

Sheila Avilés :

- 2017 Skyrunner World Series in Sky Classic.
- She has signed with Adidas Terrex after 2 years with Buff.
- She’s from Spain, 25 years old
- She’s the 2017 Migu Run Skyrunner World Series Sky Classic Champion
- She was 6th in the 2018 Overall Migu Run Skyrunner World Series ranking
- She won SkyRace Comapedrosa
- Credit the photographer (MRSWS / Roger Salanova)

Megan Kimmel :

- Megan was born in 1980 in the United States. She currently runs for Salomon Running
- She was the 2016 Sky Classic World Series Champion. She won 4 out of 6 races that ran that year: Yading, Ultraks, The Rut 28K and Limone Extreme
- In 2015 she had been 2nd in the World Series, winning her first race in Hong Kong.
- She comes back to the Migu Run Skyrunner World Series after not competing here in the last two years. She’s currently the 118th in the 52 weeks ranking
- Credit the photographer (MRSWS / Ian Corless)

Pablo Villa :

- Pablo is an Spanish skyrunner born th 30th December 1988 (30 years)
- After some years with Salomon, in 2018 he signed for Wild Trail Project, an spanish team linked to Nike Trail
- In 2015 Pablo was the Spain Skyrunning Champion and finished 8th in the Skyrunning European Championship
- In 2017 he won Ultra Pirineu and he focused on trailrunning races, winning many of them
- In 2019 he comes back to the Skyrunner World Series being one of the most renowned runners in the world. In fact this year he has already finished 2nd in Transgrancaria 128 km.
- Credit of the picture (Compex Spain)

Holly Page :

- In 2018 she ran without sponsor and now has signed for Adidas Terrex
- She’s the winner of the Sky Classic category in the 2018 Skyrunner World Series
- In 2018 she won Yading Skyrace, Buff Epic Trail and The Rut 28K
- She’s currently the number 2 of the Overall 52-weeks ranking
- Credit of the picture (Adidas Terrex)

Oriol Cardona :

- Spanish
- Dynafit
- In 2018 he was 3rd in Limone Extrem SkyRace® 3rd
- In 2019 ISMF World Championship Sprint 4th
- Credit of the picture (MRSWS / Ian Corless)

Jonathan Albon :

Jon is one of the best skyrunnerx in the World. In 2017 he was the Extreme World Series Champion and in 2018 he became the European Champion in Skyrunning in extra distance and won Madeira Skymarathon and Tromsø Skyrace.
- Credit of the picture (MRSWS / Paulo Abreu)

Marco De Gasperi

- Italian Skyrunning Legend. He started to run in 1993
- He runs for Hoka One One. He’s a Forestal Guard in Italy
- He had never won an Skyrunner World Series race until 2017. It was on Matterhorn Ultraks
- In 2017 he was the Skyrunner World Series Champion in the Sky Classic category
- He’s currently the 21st in the 52 weeks ranking

Oihana Azkorbebeita

- Basque skyrunner, mother of two boys who usually go to the races with her
- She runs for Basque National Team in Spain (Euskal Selekzioa)
- She was the winner of Buff Epic Trail 2017
- She’s the 10th in the Overall 52-weeks ranking



MT.AWA joins Vertical Kilometer World Circuit!

Finally it's officially announced, MT.AWA VERTICAL KILOMETER become part of VERTICAL KILOMETER WORLD CIRCUIT.

Registration will close on 31st MARCH at 23:59(JST)



Announcement Registration Open

Announcement Registration Open

Thank you so much for your long patience. We finally open the registration for all. Check the following link. You need Paypal account for registration.



Entry - About start

Entry - The start is scheduled for early February 2019. SKYRACE (33 km) and some,(World Circuit) Please note that general recruitment will not be conducted for departments that require expertise.



MT.AWA RACE homepage was renewed.

MT.AWA RACE homepage was renewed along with Migu Run Skyrunner R World Series (SWS) accession. Regarding tournament information / application, we will announce it on this website in order.