Greeting from organization for 2021 edition

We are pleased to announce that we were able to hold the 2021 edition to connect to the world with the understanding of the local people, although the turmoil around the world continued and it was virtually limited to Japan.

2021/04/17 (Sat)

2021/04/18 (Sun)

MT.AWA SKYRACE was done. It's a very difficult spring storm. The day before the race, according to the weather forecast, skyrace day would be 20m/s or even more on the mountain with some rain. So as we have originally planned windy conditions more than 20m/s, plan C was activated. C's highest point was just lower 7th station. Before bib registration, we have decided and made an announcement.

But this morning, fortunately blue sky and sun came out. When the course marshal got the highest point of the course 8th station, it was very mild. So even after starting the race, we tried to change the course back to get the original point 8th station. Just because we'd like to get runners to reach as high as possible. But again, as the weather forecast said, weather changed quickly. So we set back to the point lower 7th station again where we announced the day before the race. So we made a few race leaders confused because of this change during the race. We're really sorry for that.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the local people who accepted the event, as many of the events have been cancelled.

I think there were some people who did not want this organization style. We chose to do our best in the situation, rather than waiting for the time when the situation improves. To Show "strong will to move forward" and give dreams and hope to the atrophied world. This was the hidden theme of the 2021 edition. We were able to pass the baton to the world as the opening race of the Skyrunner World Series. I hope to receive it again next year and share the greatness and potential of this sport with many people while considering the environmental burden.

Snow Country, Niigata. A warm person and MT.AWA, here it is.