Cancellation in April


  We sincerely would like to express deep sympathy to  everyone around the world who died from this new coronavirus.
We also sincerely pray for the recovery of all those who affected, and of all those currently in a difficult situation.

  By the way, the MT.AWA SKYRACE Committee has been preparing for the event while closely monitoring the status of the new coronavirus. We have been discussing how to held it. We have been working hard every day to find the necessary solutions for any ever-changing situation.

It was worth the effort, and we seemed to find some small possibility for runners to run the course during the race. However, no matter what measures are taken, it is extremely difficult to avoid all situations where there is a high risk of infection, such as in closed spaces, crowded places, or close scenes, that occurs before or after races, like checking equipment, starting and finishing. Another concern is the risk of infection during runners traveling. All runners who need to travel by public transport, including airplanes, new risk of infection will occur. In addition, after the race, the risk of infection spreads to runners family and nearby people with relatively weak immunity. This race has been repeated in collaboration with local residents to create a new culture for local MT.AWA  village. Hosting in this situation raises anxiety in the area. Furthermore, on 20th MARCH, it was announced that the opening of "SKYRUNNER® WORLD SERIES" will be postponed to the end of July as a decision of the International Sky Running Federation (ISF). It is an unavoidable decision since the current world situation.

As a result of comprehensive evaluation of these things, still it is extremely disappointing  decision but actually it's  very difficult to provide an environment where runners , families, volunteers, and local people can enjoy with peace of mind. Hence, "MT.AWA SKYRACE 2020", which was scheduled on 04 / 18-19, is canceled.

Runners who training hard for this and their families who have been preparing for this, such as schedule adjustments , everyone who plan to volunteer on the day, and local people who have made an effort to work on "hospitality" will be greatly appreciated. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your understanding of this severe situation.

The schedule of the race includes postpone date will be announced as soon as it's decided after discussion with related organizations including ISF.

In the future, we will prepare the best stage where runners can show their performances here at MT.AWA. We will share the excitement and provide an forgettable opportunity to change the lives of everyone involved. Thank you for your continued support of MT.AWA SKYRACE.