Availability Judgement

Availability Judgement

First of all, we would like to express our deep sympathy to the victims of the novel coronavirus that has been spreading around the world.
We also wish those infected with the virus a quick recovery, and those who are experiencing hardship due to the coronavirus outbreak a safe way out of their difficult situation as soon as possible.

Then, this is the statement of current situation of 2020 edition.

1) Weather MT.AWA SKYRACE will be held;
16th MARCH, we are preparing for the event. However, as in the previous announcement (03/06), the future is still very uncertain. On March 09, the National Experts meeting explained at a conference that it was around 19th MARCH that the effects of event self-restrictions and school closures could be determined. The following day, on 10th MARCH, Prime Minister Abe requested to continue the event self-restrictions, which was originally until 16th MARCH, until 19th MARCH. We are planning the following response and schedule.

2) Future schedule (planned)
・ Thursday, 19th MARCH, a national expert meeting will determine the effects of event self-restrictions and school closures
・ Friday, 20th MARCH, the final availablity judgement will be made for MT.AWA SKYRACE 2020 and future plans will be announced
・ If the event is held, change the entry deadline to 26th MARCH.