About the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) correspondance

MT.AWASKYRACE2020 race information
About the Novel Coronavirus correspondence

  Many large-scale events have been canceled due to the influence of the Novel Coronavirus. Following is the announcement of the current 2020 edition conditions.

  1) Weather MT.AWA SKYRACE will be held;
4th MARCH, we are currently preparing for the event.
However, the outlook is very uncertain, and we may have to cancel it due to further announcements from the government, etc., and we are in contact with related organizations.

  2) Future schedule (planned);
・ After March 16 (Mon), government and city announcement about the Novel Coronavirus, regarding it, the committee will make the announcement whether MT.AWA SKYRACE will be held or not and make the second race status announcement.
・ If the event is held, change the entry deadline from 19th March to 26th March.

3) Management policy at the time of the event (planned);
In order to minimize the risk of transmission of the Novel Coronavirus at the event,
The following measures will be implemented based on the basic policy of "reducing the chance of unspecified majority gathering indoors and outdoors" and "reducing the risk of heavy contact".
1. Inquiry at reception and implementation of body temperature measurement.
2. All staff members to wear masks and gloves, and conduct frequent disinfection.
3. Food and beverage booths will be canceled.
4. The following ceremony will be handled with no audience or alternative measures will be taken.
・ Course explanation ・ Opening ceremony ・ Start ・ Awards ceremony
5. Following event-related will be canceled.
・ Booth and exhibitions
6. Local residents gives cheering at home or in front of friends to avoid contact with unspecified majority at the venue
7. Racers from specific countries and regions (to be announced) will be asked to refrain from participating in the MT.AWA SKYRACE 2020.
8. Participation in local elementary and junior high schools will be considered.
9. As a course explanation of MT.AWA SKYRACE 33km alternative
・ Designated application ・ Dangerous place marking ・ GPS track
   Download them will be required. In addition, organization e-mail address must be registered as an emergency contact in the app. These will be checked at the runner reception the day before the race. More announcement will be held later about this.

4) Information for runners;
 ○ In the case of the MT.AWA SKYRACE will be held
・ All non-participating players (DNS) will be given priority entry rights (charged) for the next tournament, regardless of where they live.
・ No notification or procedure is required for non-participation.
・In case of non-participation, there is no refund of the participation fee and no exemption or reduction of the participation fee for the next tournament.
 ○ In case of the MT.AWA SKYRACE cancellation
・ All runners will be exempt from the entry fee for the next tournament in 2021. (You cannot carry over to 2022)
・ Runners prizes will not be sent.
・ We are discussing with the relevant organizations whether the postponement of the event is possible.