Registration opening day announcement for 2020

It is thanks to the support of many people that we can hold the event in 2020. Thank you so much.

The registration opening date for MT.AWA SKYRACE 2020 has been decided. The official website will be renewed as soon as entry starts.

【Race Summary】
(1) Schedule
April 18 (Sat)-19 (Sun), 2020

(2) Category
Distance: 5.5km (acquired altitude: 1,100m)
Number of applicants: 200
Start date: Saturday, April 18
10:15 ~ (wave start for 5 people every 1 min)
Start Venue / Sanjo, Iiyuratei
Finish / Sanjo, Peak of MT.AWA

Distance: 33km, cumulative elevation 2,400m
Number of applicants: 200
Start time: Sunday, April 19
Start Venue / Sanjo, Iiyuratei
Finish / Sanjo, Iiyuratei

* In addition, there are MT.AWA SKYRACE YAKUSHI20K and MT.AWA SKYRACE TANADA3K. For details, please check after the official website renewal that will take place with the start of registration. 10K race will not be held.

(3) Registration period
October 25, 2019 (Friday) 12:00 to March 19, 2020 (Thursday) 23:59 First-come-first-served basis
*This is Japan time.

(4) Eligibility
Healthy men and women over high school students
Those who have abundant mountaineering experience and have the mind of climbers / sky runners

Skyrunner® World Series, Skyrunner® National Series, Skyrunning Continental Championships finishers within the time limit from 1st Jan 2018 till 31st Dec 2019.
* At the time of entry, we will listen to the past completed SKYRACE.
* This is for all Non Japanese nationality holiders.

* At the time of entry, you will be asked to complete the race within the time limit.

(5) Entry fee
VERTICAL KILOMETER 6,000 yen for ages 18 and over / 3,000 yen for high school students
SKYRACE 12,000 yen

(6) Cancellation / change of application
・ Applications cannot be canceled in any case after the deposit procedure is completed. The participation fee will not be refunded.
・ Applications are invalid if payment is made after the payment deadline. In this case, it will be returned after deducting the prescribed administrative fee.
・ The right to participate in the race cannot be transferred to a third party.

In 2020, as a player, as a volunteer, as a supporter, we will be involved with as many people as possible, and we will continue to manage the one-on-one meeting carefully. We really hope this event will be the great opportunity to explore another world, JAPAN. We're looking forward to seeing you, here, Sanjo, MT.AWA.