Course change announcement

We discussed with team including specialist for avalanche control and weather forecast, avalanche risk is highly recognized. As conclusion, we decided, course change for your safety.

-Vertical Kilometer
8th station will be finish.

*Don't go up to the peak.

*To prevent from avalanche, even after finish, if you go to the peak, we may make the athlete disqualification. Be careful.

Go through same route as Awayakushi race(20K) and from near 5th station(*1), go up to 8th station and back same route as original route to finish. 23km Altitude gain 1600m+

*1 Near 5th station 13km cutoff time 2hrs 45mins

*Cutoff time at finish 4hrs 50mins

*8th station, we write sign on your bib by pen and note your number.

*Awayakushi race 20K, Yagihana race 10K, Tanada race 3K will be held as original plan.

*Form 6th station to 8th station, course is covered by snow.

*Skyrace prize giving ceremony will be at 12:30, other race ceremony will be at 12:00.

*On 21st, shuttle bus between race venue and Tubame Sanjo station leave at 14:30 from race venue. (Tubame Sanjo station at 15:15)

*On 20th, no timetable change.