Mandatory Gear

-On 20th, Vertical kilometer, mandatory gear is

Plan A When sunny (weather forecast announced the previous day at sunny and sunny weather forecast Sanjo city rain probability 50% or less)
・Windproof jacket
*At start are of race day, judge man will check it
・Mountain running shoes
※ For safety, running shoes and sandals for land use are prohibited
・Survival back
・500 ml or more of water
・Foods (gel・bar)
・mobile phone

*According to course change, we reduce water from 1 liter to 500ml for SkyRace. MT.AWA Yakushi race and Yagihana race remain same 1 litter.
*On 20th at Bib registration 13:00-15:00, we check "all mandatory gear". So please bring all of them with you.
*MT.AWA Yakushi race and MT.AWA Yagihana race are also plan A.