* The entry is open only to racers living in Japan except for invited racers.
The information below is for the 2020 MT.AWA SKYRACE.

Introduction of MT.AWA SKYRACE2020

4 races will be held. For details of each race, please check the outline of each race.

Race Points


It is a super authentic course setting including snow on the ground that is unparalleled in Japan, and it is the course that mainly goes around the ridgeline and is held early in the spring without a vegetation. The most difficult course in Japan where the remaining snow shines like the European Alps.

SKYRACE® is defined as an altitude of 1300m or more at a distance of 20km or more, MT.AWA SKYRACE® has an altitude of 2400m at 33km.

This is the Skyrunner® World Series World Opening race.

Only Skyman recognized World Series leaders, World Series finishers, Domestic Series finishers, and MT.AWA VERTICAL KILOMETER and MT.AWA SKYRACE YAKUSHI20K finishers in the past two years can enter.

The first 5 km is a road that has received support from the local community and then the mountainous section starts afterword.

From the beginning, the steep ups and downs continue as if it’s endless.

Then runners go down directory on the renovated route by local ,called as KOMATAZAWA for this Skyrunner® World Series.

Afterword, a section that is relatively flat but force you to walk at several places along the river.

After that, the forest road, soon you reach at Nagase Shrine Aid Station. Then steep up and down again, “How far to MT.AWA!? Seems never get closer…”. When you finally reach the main mountain trail for MT.AWA, finally you can start to climb to the summit of MT.AWA.

The key for this course is how to manage the spring snow with the sharpened heart and feet at final section.


The highest level of difficulty of courses in Japan in a single climbing race held on a steep mountain selected in the country that can earn an altitude difference of 1,000 m on a mountain trail less than 5 km.

In addition to climbing technique and cardiopulmonary function, as well as the remaining snowy season at MT.AWA here, mountain technique on the snow is also required, which is like a sprint in mountain racing.

Although it is a super full-scale course setting including snow that is unparalleled in Japan, no entry qualification is required since only climbing.

The first 1.5 km is a parade section that receives local support.

The timing starts at the ISEKI park. It is a gravel road that is flat for 1km in the early stage, and climb up over 1000m in the last 4km. The 6.5th and later stations are usually covered by snow, and the view from the 7th and later ridges makes you feel high near sky.

* VERTICAL KILOMETER (altitude difference less than 1,000m / 5km), also called mountain climbing race, abbreviated VK.


A steep course that requires mental toughness.

It follows the first half and end of Skyrunner® World Series MT.AWA SKYRACE.

The difficulty of the course is many series of thin ridges and steep slopes.

Sky is near it’s because of no leaves in early spring and the course that goes around the ridgeline.

You can not see any beech till you reach mail trail for MT.AWA, even its name called as beech path.

Sharp ups and downs continue to sharpen your mind and feet. Hopefully this steep makes you high.


The course is around the famous rice terraces selected as one of the 100 rice terraces in Japan and the foot of MT.AWA.

You can enjoy the view of beautiful MT.AWA that has the remaining snow from almost anywhere on the course.

Who runs on the trail for the first time can have the experience of trail and mountain running. Participation is possible from 3 years old.

In early spring, you can see the world stage of MT.AWA.


About MT.AWA

One of the 300 mountain mountains in Japan with independent peaks rising in the everlasting Echigo Niigata.

It is a climbing mountain that gets 1100 m in elevation difference at a mountain climbing road of 5.5 km at an altitude of 1292.6 m and has a forest limit of about 1000 m due to steep mountaineering and heavy snowfall. The snowy season reminds me of the Alps. In May May the rare Species population is beautiful.

In the local, "It is said that you can climb anywhere if you can climb MT.AWA", symbolic existence of Shitada Town, Sanjo that is located.

About the founding of the convention

About the founding of the convention From 2009, Professional Mountain Runner Liaison Hiroaki Matsunaga (Aki) local residence in Niigata will begin training Ultra Trail 's virtually world championship UTMB® (170K, France, Italy, Switzerland, 10000 m + over Switzerland) at MT.AWA.

Climb up from Shitada side, go down to Kamo side, and climb back again.

One round trip, two round trips, three round trips when there are many. He stepped on the summit six times over 12 hours a day.

He repeat training like running meditation, ZEN, but this MT.AWA always smiles to him coming from the open ridgeline, steep shadow of spirit. A beautiful mountain forest made it possible.

He gradually had thought,『I'm climbing various mountains all over the world but I want more people to know this mountain that is superior to them. I want to disseminate this treasure to the world. 』

He proposed the idea to local Shitada Township charm dissemination council and Sanjo city and repeated the explanatory meeting for the local residents. Then,

2016 MT. AWA VERTICAL KILOMETER is realized.
2017 MT.AWA SKYRACE was held for the first time.
2018 End of snowfall period Sky Running Japan Championship MT.AWA VERTICAL KILOMETER is held in April. (SKYRACE® to be held)
2019 we held the world opener game of Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series and Vertical Kilometer® World Circuit.