About Awagatake

One of the 300 mountain mountains in Japan with independent peaks rising in the everlasting Echigo Niigata.
It is a climbing mountain that gets 1100 m in elevation difference at a mountain climbing road of 5.5 km at an altitude of 1292.6 m and has a forest limit of about 1000 m due to steep mountaineering and heavy snowfall. The snowy season reminds me of the Alps. In May May the rare Species population is beautiful.

In the local, "It is said that you can climb anywhere if you can climb Awagatake", symbolic existence of Shitada Town that is located.

About the founding of the convention

About the founding of the convention From 2009, Professional Mountain Runner Liaison Matsunaga Hiroaki local residence in Niigata will begin training Ultra Trail 's virtually world championship UTMB® (170K, France, Italy, Switzerland, 10000 m + over Switzerland) at Awagatake.

Climb up from Shitada side, go down to Kamo side, and climb back again.

One round trip, two round trips, three round trips when there are many. I stepped on the summit six times over 12 hours a day.

I repeat training like training, but this Awagatake always keeps me coming from the open ridgeline, steep shadow of spirit. A beautiful mountain forest made it possible.

He gradually『I'm climbing various mountains all over the world but I want more people to know this mountain that is superior to them. I want to disseminate this treasure to the world. 』

I will invite the idea to local Shitada Township charm dissemination council and Sanjo city and repeat the explanatory meeting for the local residents.

2016 MT. AWA VERTICAL KILOMETER® is realized.
2017 MT.AWA SKYRACE® was held for the first time.
2018 snowfall period Sky Running Japan Championship MT.AWA VERTICAL KILOMETER® is held in April. (SKYRACE® to be held)
From the spring of 2019 we held the world opener game of Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series and Vertical Kilometer® World Circuit.

2019 Introduction of Awagatake Race

Five races will be held in 2019. For details of each race, please check the outline of each race.


A climbing climb race to be held in a steep mountain chosen all over the country that can earn 1,000 m in altitude difference on a mountain trail less than 5 km.Course Difficulty of the highest peak in Japan.
Climbing skills and cardiopulmonary function, plus mountain skill on snow is also required for Awagatake 's residual snow period to hold, mountain race sprint existence.
This contest is the 2019 Vertical Kilometer World Circuit (VKWC) world opening game.

Although it is a super-authentic course setting including snow on national unusual, there is no entrance qualification for climbing only.

The first 1.5 kilometers is a parade section that receives local cheering.
Measurement start is ruins park. It is a 1 kilometer flat gravel road in the early stage and runs over 1000 meters in the last 4 km.

※ VKWC = Vertical Kilometer World Cirkit ※ VERTICAL KILOMETER (altitude difference less than 1,000 m / 5 km) It is also called VEK for riding mountaineering and it is abbreviated VK.


It is a super-authentic course setting including unique snow on the country, mainly at the course which goes around the ridgeline, there is no vegetation at the early spring and the view is good and the best.
Acquired at a distance of 20 km or more Acquired over 1,300 m above sea level SKYRACE®, this competition MT.AWA SKYRACE® is 33 km elevation Altitude 2400 m.
This competition is the 2019 Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series world opening race and the highest course difficulty in Japan.

Only professional and association registrants can enter.

The first 5 kilometers were cheered by a local villa on the road, and from there it was a mountain section.
Sharp ups and downs from the beginning of the story continue to "continue even this" sharp mind and feet.
Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series For the purpose of attracting local residents to unite and revive the route to go down to Omatazawa straight.
A section that is walked relatively smoothly at several places where narrow width narrowly and is narrow.
After that, the forest road continues to Nagase Shrine Aid station so far is the undercard 1. On the undercard 2 again sharp up and down "Awagatake that does not come closer even if it looks.
From the central climbing road branch to the top of Las boss Awagatake.
The key to how to capture the spring snowfall snow with the shaved heart and foot is the key.

MT.AWA Yakushi Race 20㎞

A rugged course requiring mental power that Awagatake rising to the front does not approach one direction.
Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series MT. AWA SKYRACE® is also an alternative course at bad weather.

The course difficulty level is high with a full-fledged course that is highly motivated.

Main course is a course that goes around the ridgeline and there is no vegetation at early spring and the view is good and the best.
It is not like its name called beech noodle.
Sharp ups and downs continue to shave hearts and feet.

MT.AWA Yagigahana Race 10㎞

Migu Run Skyrunner® World Series MT. AWA SKYRACE® runs on the same course as the early stage, so you can run the same course and experience some of the same world warfare in Japan.

Partially the course difficulty level is high and it runs high enough for intermediate level enough.

Main course is a course that goes around the ridgeline and there is no vegetation at early spring and the view is good and the best.
Awagatake is beautiful from the bright ridgeline that opened early spring throughout.
Alongside Mt. Awagatake, we follow the small diameter of the rocky wall of Shitada Township symbol, Yagigahana.
Sharp up / down is necessary especially in the vicinity of the mountain top of the mountain.

MT.AWA Rice terrace race 3 KM

We visited the famous rice terraces selected as 100 rice terrace paddies in Japan and the foot of Awagatake, the Imogawa River Settlement.

It faces Awagatake where snowfall is beautiful from almost anywhere on the course. Available from 3 years old.
In early spring, you can see Awagatake in world fight from the foot, you can receive local cheering while feeling the world.

Adults who run for the first time in mountains can experience that part as well.